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MegaFusion - Introduction


In 2001 I published a German short story collection named "MegaFusion". Since then many further similar stories have been written that I translate step by step for the English speaking readership by myself (a few of those translated stories can be found on or can be downloaded here, for example). They are all set in a world which will be explained after a few more introductory words. 35 stories are a solid basis to plan new projects - a comic, audio books, a MegaFusion novel, that I am currently writing. This first MegaFusion novel includes a few stories re-written to fit the novel concept and will be available in German language in 2012 (prospectively). In short, MegaFusion is an interesting mix of episodes of peoples' lifes that have to survive in a very big city named Earth ...


MegaFusion - Stories



8 stories - 0,99 $. Artworks by Lothar Bauer.

Read some of my best MF stories. You can purchase them as Kindle eBook at Amazon or as PDF/ePub eBook at or simply by mailing me.



MegaFusion what is it?


Imagine a city with 2,000-yard-high skyscrapers that stretches its arms over the largest oceans and the highest mountains on Earth. A place where "Mutant Killers" or "Licensing Agents" fight for their daily survival in a brutal, life-absorbing game. Imagine a misty underground ghetto , or the overground of middle-class homes, 3,000 feet above the underground's streets. And believe in the almighty virtual media! Always believe in corporate fusions, money-suckin' bankers, and FEVs -- Financial Executive Vampires. And then imagine the chaos that follows ...


MegaFusion is more than a short story collection or than a novel. It is a concept of the future of our planet. In a few thousand years, cities have grown so immensely, that they become one big city that covers huge parts of Earth. Man's construction plans have reached certain limits so that he wants to expand his city concept on other planets like Mars where he finds best conditions. The social networks on Earth are more flexible than in our times. People find friends much faster and lose them faster too. In general, life is quicker than nowadays , for example you don't have to wait long to realise your ideas and plans there is always someone who has the same opinion and tries to help you so that you both profit from the situation. New construction projects serve as a good point for adventurers and workers from all over the planet to fit their ideas of amazing jobs i. E. the big speedway tunnel system making possible the transport of vehicles that are magnetized by the walls of the speedway system so that they float inmidst the tunnel and fly with high speed around the planet. But there are also bad sides. In the underground, that is located under the ground of the Earth, many ghettos have grown big, accommodating drug dealers, criminals, terrorists. Like today, there are people not agreeing to the concepts of social life, just trying to destruct the system or to profit from its stupidity. This mix leads to an exciting, creative setting wherein the most diverse people find their homeplaces. Sometimes the author describes an excursion out into the universe, to spotlight the multiple projects that mankind has initiated to explore the further depths of space, but mostly he concentrates on our home planet and tries to answer the question: How will life be in a few hundred or even thousand years?


MegaFusion as ...


... comic, audio book, computer game ... These are just a few possible ways to distribute the idea of MegaFusion in future. To fulfill these purposes, I am looking for a talented artist who is willing to create a MegaFusion comic strip. If you are interested, just e-mail me.







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