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Sven Kloepping is a German sci-fi and poetry writer who translates his German sci-fi stories for the English speaking readership by himself (and occassionally writes originial English poetry , as you see at the bottom of this page). He published his English sci-fi stories in several fiction magazines such as Fantastic Metropolis ("Up"), Internova, Planet Magazine. For Internova, he serves as co-editor. In Germany his fiction is published by the major sci-fi zines like Nova, c't or phantastisch. In 2001, he has published a sci-fi short story collection named "MegaFusion" (setting is a city covering nearly the whole planet) which will be translated step by step. A second German story compilation came out in November 2010. For an English "MegaFusion" book project Sven is looking for a publisher. Interested? Just e-mail Sven. More information on the concept and world of MegaFusion on the MegaFusion info site.

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He sits in a corner of the empty road,

and drinks his whisky upper-left.

He's chained in what was once a coat,

and thinks that freedom's coming back.

He sometimes sings forgotten songs

living in his coloured memories.

And winter thinks this man belongs

to somewhat that could never freeze.

In ancient times he was a fighter,

with fire in his burning blood.


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